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Description: I told Jordan and Nu that they were coming back to my studio for another oral video. I knew it was the only way I'd be able to convince these hot straight boys to fuck. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to pull it off, since I've tried to convince Jordan to do anal twice without success.??Well, this time the promise of more work and $500.00 was enough to convince him. Keep in mind Nu has done anal before, but for Jordan, this was really his first time getting fucked.??I let them warm up and 'get sensual' by undressing each other, licking each other's bodies and a bit more oral sex, including a hot 69. Unfortunately they refused to kiss; Jordan didn't like Nu's 'scruffiness' and Nu doesn't like 'smoker's breath.' But these two sexy rent boys exceeded my expectations in every other way.??After the 'warm up,' Jordan was finally ready to take his first cock. When Nu first stuck his sizable cock in Jordan's tight ass, you could see Jordan grimace in pain; but, he kept his hot ass up in the air and took it like a man. After getting that hot ass fucked doggy style, it looked like Jordan was enjoying it, which he admitted he did..'a little bit.'??Finally Nu got him on his back to do some more plunging, but Jordan almost screamed in pain; it seems this bottom bitch likes it doggy style more then on his back. Nu kept drilling anyways, stroking Jordan's cock while he rammed his hot tight ass.??After getting fucked for a good 10 minutes, Jordan was ready for his revenge. He wasted no time sticking his cock in Nu's hole, and literally fucked that hole like a little jack-rabbit, treating it like a pussy. ??It's obvious this hot little fuck machine knows how to please the ladies, and he really knew how to please Nu too. After taking all of Jordan's fast, hard thrusts Nu blew his sloppy load all over his body. Jordan gave him some final hard thrusts before jerking off and cumming all over Nu.??I'd say Jordan has passed my 'gay for pay' bootcamp, and I'm ready to hook him up with some clients. He just might be my favorite new straight boy and I'm sure he'll be commanding some top dollars. As for Nu, well once he's off Parole I just might have some more work for him too!

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